IDJ037 Not an industrial set

…But kind of an industrial set.

Saltillo-Flood (Featuring Vocals by Richard Walters)
synnack-Held Down By The Sun
Jeads-Deep In The Night
Android Lust-The Want, Lacking
The Echoing Green-If I Could...
Stars Crusaders-Army Of Impostors (Unity One Remix)
Wumpscut-Default [By Aghast View]
UCNX-Isle of Man (Ministry Cover)
ENDIF-Ghost in the Machine
Slighter-Give Me (featuring Craig Joseph Huxtable)
Neonsol-Lights Out
FGFC820-Ich bin ein Auslander
Chmcl Str8jckt-Fantasy
Authentic Impulse-Stuck In Stasis (Imperative Reaction Remix)