Tag: Electro-Industrial

IDJ040 Doctrine of the Forgotten

Fgfc820-DoctrineHomeland InsecurityDance & DJ2012
FabrikC-N.H.N.S. (Remixed By Noisuf-X)ImpulsgeberAlternative Rock2007
Noisuf-X-KillerInvaderDance & DJ2018
Funker Vogt-White Trash (AE 8 Remix)Aviator (Collecto's Edition)EBM2017
De/Vision-mAndroids (Intuition's Automatischer Mix)Popgefahr - The MixMetropolis Records2011
Monolog Tonspiel-Overload Bass (Original Mix)Industrial TechnoTechno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)TAKEAWAY2019
Velvet Acid Christ-Lust (Anonymous Mix)Dire LandElectronicMetropolis2015
SERO.OVERDOSE-Greed - ork mixSerotonin - Rerelease (Bonus Tracks Version)2005
Sam-Catatonic DreamsDestruction UnitRock2008
AIBOFORCEN-Psychosomatic complaints (EPSILON MINUS mix)Kafarnaüm (Bonus Tracks Version)2004
Northborne-BabyNeedsCoke (Original Mix)Force It!DanceOut Of Line2007
Cubex-Society Sickness VIP (Original Mix)VIP Collection LP; Vol. 1Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard)Lethal Dose Recordings2017
Implant-Violence (Studio-X Hardstyle Remix)Violence-EPElectronic2009
X-RX-Code redGasoline and Fire2017
KOMOR KOMMANDO-Mambo Nr. 808Oil, steel & rhythm (Bonus Tracks Version)2011
Rhys Fulber-Apostel (Headless Horseman Remix)Baut Mit!2019
Glis-My Machine (Re:Werked)A Shot And A Bassline (2001-2008)Electronic2008
Aesthetische Feat. Noemi Aurora-My Aurora (SD-KRTR Remix)MATRIX​​:​​REB00TED - The SIMON CARTER Guerrilla - Zion [Hard Dance] Warfare [05]2020
Joke Jay-Angefixxt (Funker Vogt Remix)AngefixxtEBM2004
Industriegebiet-Ein Traum, Der Nie Zu Ende GehtWer Schön Sein Will Muss SterbenElectronic2011
Nolongerhuman-The ForgottenWithdrawalElectronic2014

IDJ005 Industrial DJ Spaz Set!

I know it starts with rather a long loop. The finishing DJ tossed in another track while I was starting. A cover was needed Industrial Satuday at The Link. So… I connected and came up with something as I went along, could have been worse for being so distracted I couldn’t focus. 😉

Hit the twitter account & look for the poll to rate it, would ya?