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IDJ005 Industrial DJ Spaz Set!

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I know it starts with rather a long loop. The finishing DJ tossed in another track while I was starting. A cover was needed Industrial Satuday at The Link. So… I connected and came up with something as I went along, could have been worse for being so distracted I couldn’t focus. 😉

Hit the twitter account & look for the poll to rate it, would ya?

IDJ73018 Electro-Industrial, EBM, Live Mix 73018

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IDJ003 Electro-Industrial / EBM by Cygnostik

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A live, impromptu, Electro-Industrial / EBM set for patrons at The Link. There was a lot of playing around. Some seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully you will too.

IDJ002 Wrapping up Sunday night

EBM and Industrial 7.2.018 (also some industrial metal by request)

Just doing a 2 hour set as the opportunity arose. Just some stuff including requests. Errors because I was host free & trying to stay up with conversations as usual. Still might be a good listen.

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Again impromptu so there are some minor issues. 😉 It was started with the idea of redoing the last set but came out very different. Enjoy!

MixCloud chart positions: This upload was 39th in the #industrial chart.