IDJ039 Leap Day!

Accidental random set…

1Dead Man Talking (The Dead Room Remix)AngelspitPuncture Marks280128IndustrialBlack Pill Red Pill, 2018.AngelspitThe Dead Room2018
2Night FlightsNEUROACTIVEMinor Side-Effects2711282020
3Scream With MeLorelei DreamingBanshee242128IndustrialBlack Pill Red Pill, 2017.Lorelei Dreaming, Zoog Von Rock (Angelspit)2017
5ProgessionBlue Eyed ChristRivet Head Culture248128IndustrialIf It Moves1993
6Falling DownWynardtagePraise The Fallen (Reissue)350128Industrial/EBM/Dark Electro2007
7Vicious Streak (Featuring Maeze) [DJ MIX]Miss BallisticBlood and Glitter233130ElectronicBlack Pill Red Pill, 2019Miss Ballistic2019
8New SensationNeuroactiveN-Gin322132Synthpop2005
9loving wrath (dance mix by code 64)for all the emptinesssecond order475132Electronic2012
10Only PathAccessoryDeadline291132ElectronicOut Of Line2001
11Tragic Hero (Remixed By X-Fusion)WynardtageThe Grey Line260132EBM2008
12Dancing in the Dark (Neuromantik)State of the UnionDancing in the Dark - Single2661322018
13Light In A SavantCellmodOption One3311322008
14Karmageddon (Aesthetische rework)HELALYN FLOWERSBeware Of Light (feat. Chris Pohl) EP3571322015